Monday, January 5, 2009


First of all i want to say Happy new year to everyone....... I know i am a little late and it seems that my blogs are very sporadic, i wish i had a good excuse but all i can say is that work is very busy and when i get home i just don't have a lot of energy left and getting on the computer is not top of my list.
I have been so surprised at the weather here in Arviat, although it is colder than where we came from in southern Ontario, it is not as bad as i had thought it would be. I have been told that it is very unusual for it to be so mild. Today is only minus 17 c and it feels great, i would never have thought that i would say minus 17c is
We have had snow but not much although for all my friends down south i have posted some pics .
Weather update at 3:30 pm ......A Blizzard has hit and i cant see anything out of my window!!!
I will try to be a better blogger but i cant guarantee it.

Until next time
stay warm .

P.S. Sue, you owe me some

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Ashley said...

Could you send some of that snow to Philadelphia? Its very strange to not have any! Hope all is there up there.