Friday, November 7, 2008

Yesterday and today were very exciting for Arviat, we had three polar bears roaming around the bay area, right behind our house. Yesterday a lone male was spotted and the whole town was watching as he wandered across the frozen water. This morning i got up at 6:30 and went outside and about 150 feet away was a mother and cub wandering along the dock area.
It was a good photo opportunity and i have posted some on here.
Hopefully they will leave soon so we can go out with molly the dog and not worry about being eaten.
until next time.
Andy & Sue

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Well finally i have a chance to write something on our blog.
We arrived in Arviat on October 6th and it has been crazy ever since. Working at the Northern store is fantastic, we are both enjoying it. The people in the community are so nice and we have been welcomed from everyone.
We managed to go out on the land last weekend when there was no snow and although it is flat around here it is very nice.
Polar bear sightings are coming in thick and fast now, with many sightings in various places around town. We haven't sen any yet, i just hope when we do see one, it is far off in the distance and i can just use my larger lens to take a picture.
Molly the dog is settled in nicely and she is learning to go outside and get back in quickly and i think she will pick up the pace even more as the weather gets colder.
I have put a few pictures on here of the area that i have taken over the last few weeks.
hopefully it wont be 4 weeks before i get on here again, but with the internet around here it could be......